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The Dangers of Improperly Burning Herbal Incense

Many bodies of work have touched upon the excellent qualities of herbal incense when these are put to the appropriate usages.  However, there has been very little mention (for the most part) on how dangerous these can be when used in the wrong methodologies.  To give the benefit of the doubt, we, here at Legal Herb Online, we understand that some of this stems from misinformation and misguidance on the proper and sensible ways to utilize these products.

This is why we have gone to extremes to point out what the proper methods are and what they are not meant for.  For example, we have clearly stated that none of these products were ever meant for human consumption.  They are meant for burning in the proper incense burners, and then enjoyed through an aromatic experience.  Therefore, in this body of work we will explain to consumers how they should be burning these products so they won’t be faced with any adverse repercussions from them.

Utilize Appropriate Burners

When you are considering the type of burner for your herbal incense, make certain that you have one which is heat retardant and will not crack or emit too much smoke.  There are various depictions of these, and they go from a very inexpensive figure on up to a higher price tag.  Now, what we would like to point out is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on one of these as long as you are acquiring the appropriate one.  If you have any questions concerning them there is always someone whom you can chat with about it.

For incense sticks, these are normally pedestal like structures where you place the end of the incense in a holder and then the ash falls into the grooves of the burner itself.  They are easily distinguishable from those which you use for burning crushed herbal incense.  There are also ceramic oil burners for oil incense which you can find at any retail store, or online as well.

If you fail to use the proper burner then you pose risk to your home and personal possessions, not to mention your own well-being.  By this we are saying that there is the potential risk for a fire, so pay careful consideration to what you are purchasing.  Some burners are universal, meaning they can be utilized for multiple burning purposes.  The image below gives you an idea of what we are speaking of, but remember there are many more choices than this alone.



Other Precautions to take into Consideration

The following bulleted points are important to keep in mind as well, specifically if you have any serious health concerns that you need to speak with your general practitioner about.  While incense can be a wonderful thing in your life, accentuating on the positive, there are still things to contemplate to avoid any adverse situations from developing.  If you follow these listed guidelines you should be A okay, and look forward to a very rewarding experience in the end.

  • Always speak to your doctor before burning herbal incense.  You want to ensure that your medical condition won’t worsen due to the exposure of these herbal remedies, and with some health conditions, they can be aggravated.  Better to be safe than sorry in the long run!
  • Never leave a room where an incense stick is burning.  This is a very hot item so therefore you should always monitor it to avoid risk of fire or over exposure of the smoke.
  • Place an incense burner in an area out of reach of children and one in which pets can’t come into contact with it and burn themselves.  This is why we stress purchasing a well-insulated and heat retardant unit.
  • When beginning, start with the lighter aromas so you won’t become overpowered and turned off.  Cinnamon, Cranberry, and Sandalwood are some of the lighter fragrances which will introduce you to the world of herbal incense in an enjoyable manner.
  • Be careful with the tips of herbal incense sticks because while they might not look extremely hot they are, and there have been people who have burned from these before.  Do not move them around when burning.

These are just a few precautions to always keep in the forefront of your mind when enjoying herbal incense.  As we have said many times previously, following the guidelines will guarantee you have a wonderfully rewarding aromatic experience that will make you feel great for the long term!  Enjoy your products and always be safe with anything that requires fire or heating.

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