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2014 Herbal Incense Wholesale

The herbal incense industry is booming in today’s economy, and there has never been a better time to get in on the massive opportunities in this trade.  Buying herbal incense wholesale is wildly popular and there are insurmountable profits to be made.  When we speak of wholesale products, we aren’t speaking of less than perfect or lower grade.  As a matter of fact, our goal is to only provide top class quality products, whether they be wholesale or in a standard retail shop.  You should never have to expect less than perfect.

Packages Available

150 Units – 15 Aromas Mix 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $450.00

500 UNITS – 15 AROMAS MIX 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $1,100.00

500 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $2,000.00

500 Units – 5 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each FLIGH
Sale Price: $2,200.00

1000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $1,900.00

1000 Units –  15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each DREAMZ
Sale Price: $3,800.00

1000 Units – 5 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each FLIGH 
Sale Price: $4,000.00

1000 Grams Bulk Unpackaged Product DREAMZ
Sale Price: $800.00

5000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 1.5 Gram Each DREAMZ 
Sale Price:$8,000.00

5000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each DREAMZ 
Sale Price: $15,000.00

5000 Units – 15 AROMAS MIX 3 Gram Each FLIGH
Sale Price: $17,000.00

Sealed Mylar Packages

Large Selection 20 + Products

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Are Dreamz / Fligh Products Compliant in my state?

Yes! All products on our site are compliant in all states. We use only compliant ingredients.

Lab Report Included?

Yes. Our products do come with compliant report. All ingredients compliant Worldwide!

Do you offer samples?

We do not offer free samples. We have sample packs and individual products on our store page for small orders.

Overnight Shipping Available?

Yes. For additional fee we can overnight your package.


What is a C.O.D. ?

Shipping a package collect on delivery (C.O.D.) with UPS is simple. It is an appropriate service for the receiver who would rather make a payment when they receive the item.

Read more: How to Ship a Package C.O.D. With UPS 

Clearly, there are multitudes of businesses that rack up in profits simply by becoming distributors or joint retailers in this growing field.  Here, at Legal Herbal Online we are thrilled to offer our long term partners great opportunities to get on board with us; and of course, we are always going to have extraordinary free samples to share with you!  There are massive rewards that can be acquired by becoming a part of an endeavor such as this; with profit margin breaking only being one aspect of it.  You could consider legal herbal incense one of those ‘new age’ business ventures; but, it is a lucrative one which will continue to grow and amass a great amount of dedicated shoppers for these specific products.


We don’t believe in sacrificing quality for profit.  Our aim is to guarantee our consumers that we will always meet that same impeccably high standard as we always have, with each and every one of our incense and potpourri products.  In fact, there isn’t even one of our Natural Dreamz Incense that doesn’t meet the legal standards across the United States.  There are no toxins or chemicals, but only natural ingredients to be found in what we offer.    We’ve managed to create an incense/potpourri product array that is always going to be considered top-shelf in class and style and which proves affordability is not an issue whatsoever.  All of this has been created to guarantee customer satisfaction, as well as our business partner’s satisfaction.  We recognize the fact that our distributors and partners play a huge role in our profitability, so there will never be a time where quality is lacking.


wholesale-lhoWe want to be favored not only in multiple households, but through end-to-end practices as well.  Everyone is valuable to our business, from our wholesale customers, to the retail chain stores we supply with our incense and potpourri items.  For our partners and distributors alike, you can always have that peace of mind that you are gaining the best from us.   With the usage of our incense you’ll feel just as at ease and in sync with your mind and body as any of our customers are.  We encourage you to try these out so that the word can be spread on the excellence of our products.  There is no question that once you’ve experienced the harmonic effects from these legal herbal incense and potpourri products, you’ll be more than able to express that to consumers who do business with you as well.

Regardless of whether you’re buying in bulk quantities or smaller amounts, you’ll always receive exceptional products that are highly favored and definitely compliant with legal requirements.  We always have deals on-going every single month, so whether your shopping today or next week, you’re going to be met with a great deal each and every time you enter our virtual doors.

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