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Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate

Herbal Vaporizers

Legal Bud

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Fligh BubbleGum Herbal potpourri

Short Description

An intoxicating aroma that will send you spiraling out of this world into one that brings back all your fondest memories.

1.5 grams Sealed Mylar Packaged

50 State Legal

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You can lose yourself in the wonderful scent of bubblegum that is sweet and enticingly vibrant to your senses. Surround yourself with all state legal potpourri that can allow you to float away in a cloud of sugary goodness, allowing for pure and utter happiness to take over you. When you want to get away from the dull and mundane, this 100% natural herbal potpourri can create that craved upon emotional state once again, encouraging you to lay back and luxuriate in a time specific just for you and your desires alone. Set yourself free, allowing yourself to fully enjoy this universal herbal blend that promotes a healthier environment free from any daily negativity. Get lost in the moment of pure herbal potpourri freedom which allows you to freely express your personality without regret!