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Fligh Original Herbal potpourri

Short Description

A most unique top shelf blend that envelopes your senses and inspires you to let go and immerse your spirit in utter aromatic pleasure.

1.5 grams Sealed Mylar Packaged

50 State Legal

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The Fligh Original herbal potpourri blend is highly favored due to the melodic scent it emits. It is a premium grade herbal mix which is created from only the highest quality herbs. While it is one of the most potent, the harmonic fragrance transcends all others. It works as a mood alleviator, removing anxiety and stress from your body; and allowing for a pleasurable mood to take hold of you. It is slightly sweet; yet smooth and crisp at the same time. This blend invigorates the mind, and leaves you feeling cleansed and free from the toxicity of a stressful work environment. When you need a herbal potourri to help you unwind, this is the quality blend that can be the most effective in providing the means for that refreshed and relaxed state of being you crave.