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Fligh Strawberry Herbal potpourri

Short Description

A freshly sweet escape from the hum-drum of monotonous daily life that can catapult the user into a place of blissful serenity. Buy Fligh Strawberry Herbal potpourri now !

1.5 grams Sealed Mylar Packaged

50 State Legal

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Additional Product Information

If you crave feeling renewed, and long to be emblazoned with creativity, burning fligh’s herbal strawberry potpourri can enthrall you with these very sensations. The rich aroma of strawberries carries you to the most exotic of places, lifting your senses and lightening your spirit. You will find it far easier to transform your state of mind through meditation and other yoga like practices when you chill with a world class blend such as this one. It has the potency to removed unwanted negative energies and replace them with those that make you feel inspired and connected with your more creative side. Indulge in a sweet escape that transports you to where you want to go in your mind; those places which are comforting and welcome emotions of happiness and serenity in your life.